Heart shaped rings are an incredibly symbolic gift. Heart jewelry not only represents beauty and wealth, it also represents love. What better way to show someone you love them than the act of giving them your heart?

This three-heart ring features a dimond studded center heart. The two other 14 karat gold hearts create an infinity symbol


In the picture; Solid 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Triple Heart Infinity Ring


Aside from the symbolism, heart shaped rings are a great gift for any event or occasion. There are so many different options when it comes to heart shaped rings like the unique infinity style heart ring pictured on the right. Between different precious materials and style options this simple gift suddenly becomes a lot more complicated.


How to pick the PERFECT Heart Shaped Ring

The ring above is a good starting point, just read the incredible reviews it’s received. It’s actually rare a piece of jewelry has this many positive reviews, let alone a specific heart shaped ring such as this one. It’s also a good place to get started, check out the related results for similar striking heart shaped rings.

Now before you purchase, it’s a good idea to understand what your actually buying. By brushing up on values and the basic measurements of precious stones and metals you can rest easy knowing you’re not overpaying for jewelry.

Understanding Gold, Silver, and Diamonds in Rings

Most often jewelry consist of those 2 precious metals and that one incredibly precious stone. They come in various purity levels and colors, some mixing and matching metals to get a distinct look.

  • Gold – The purity of gold is measured in Karats. This refers to the amount of gold in a piece of fine jewelry. It ranges from 24 karats (pure gold) to 10 karats (around 40-50% pure gold). Lesser purity levels mix pure gold with other lesser metals (copper, nickel, etc..) to create a substance very similar to pure gold in terms of looks. Lesser pure gold is actually not a bad things – especially when it comes to heart shaped rings. 24 karat gold is actually very soft and malleable so it easily can deform or get dented. Lesser purity gold is mixed with strong metals making it more scratch-resistant and able to keep its form easily.
  • Silver – Most often you’ll find silver in jewelry as Sterling silver. This is almost pure (90%), but has been mixed with other metals to give it more strength and durability. Like gold, pure silver (called fine silver) is also very soft and malleable.
  • Diamonds – An incredibly durable rock – actually the hardest natural substance on earth – diamonds are synonymous with luxury. Diamonds are measured in carats (don’t confuse that with karats!) which refer to the total weight of diamonds in a piece of jewelry. Diamonds can vary in price depending on multiple factors, most notably size, weight, and cut.

So there’s the basic run down of materials, now here’s a few questions you can ask yourself to help decide on a design for the heart shaped ring you’re after.

Who’s it for? Are they a free spirit or a reserved person? Knowing their personality will help choose a design. Ask yourself honestly if you could see them wearing the ring you’re looking at. Does it really match their style/personality?

Why a heart shaped ring? Know the message are you trying to convey. Heart shaped rings are usually synonymous with love (both romantic or non-romantic love). So if you want to show you how much you care this is a good choice. As for your brothers cousins’ boss – maybe opt for the non-heart shaped ring.

What’s your budget? It may be tempting to overspend or under spend to save a few dollars – don’t do either. Stay within your budget for this purchase. If you can’t afford it maybe wait until the next holiday. Also, don’t skimp out. Cheap jewelry is immediately obvious once it’s in your hand. You don’t want something that feels like it’s from a cereal box.

So there we have it. You should be ready to begin your search for the perfect heart shaped ring. You can start with one of the options at the top of this page and search around from there for something that perfectly fits your needs!


If you’re just looking for something cute and free – try your hand at making a homemade origami heart ring!