A heart shaped diamond necklace is the perfect gift – incredibly meaningful, luxurious, and emotionally symbolic. The heart symbol is synonymous with love (both romantic and non-romantic) making it a great choice for someone meaningful in your life. What better way to show someone you care than the literal act of giving your heart to them?

This double heart necklace has near perfect reviews. It features interlocking white gold hearts, one polished and one diamond studded.


In the picture; 10k White Gold and Diamond Double Heart Pendant Necklace

Beyond the meaning behind a heart shaped diamond necklace, there are an incredible amount of diverse designs and materials to choose from. From single hearts to unique double hearts (pictured to the right) to diamond hearts and rose gold hearts, the choices are endless. It may seem overwhelming to make a decision, but fear not! This short guide will have you pick out that perfect heart shaped diamond necklace in the next 5 minutes.



Finding the Best Heart Shaped Diamond Necklace

To start quickly, visit the link above. It will show you a few options right off the bat as well as related options. It’s rare to see a piece of jewelry (especially something as specific as heart jewelry) to receive so many good reviews. This is a usually a good sign of not only high quality, but a gift that was very well received.

Before you purchase however, it’s good practice to understand exactly what you’re buying. By this I mean understanding the basic of materials and craftsmanship of the piece itself. Knowing even the basics of precious metals and stones will make certain that you proper value for your money (and make the piece an investment as well as a gift).


Your Guide to Precious Metals and Diamonds

During your search for jewelry you’ll most often find 2 precious metals used; Gold and Silver. These two metals are incredibly valuable in their purest state and have always been hugely valuable in the history of man kind. There are, however, many variations of these metals, ranging in color, purity, and shape.

Gold. Very valuable and a rare precious metal. It’s purest form is 24 karats and goes all the way down to 10 karats. Lesser pure gold (10 karats) is still at least 40% pure gold and is actually pure gold mixed with other lesser metals. It still looks very gold-like and gold is often mixed like this to give the jewelry more durability. In its purest form gold is actually quite soft and malleable – so while it may shine a bit brighter it can easily be misshaped and deformed.

Silver. More common than gold, but equally as stunning – Silver (fine silver is its pure form) is most often found as Sterling Silver. Sterling silver is still very pure – up to 90% – and is made through mixing it with other lesser metals. Again like gold this makes it more durable as fine silver is actually fairly soft and malleable.

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance on planet earth. Prices of diamonds vary huge amounts depending on the size, cut, and total weight of diamonds used. Since they can’t be melted down or reshaped into a larger size, large diamonds are very rare and expensive. The weight of diamonds is measured in carats – not the same as golds purity unit karats. The higher the carat the higher the price.


Picking the Right Style

That’s a very quick overview of materials so you know what exactly to look out for when buying a heart shaped diamond necklace. So with quality down these next few questions are going to help you settle on a design for your gift.

Why are you getting a heart necklace? Usually this is a very meaningful and symbolic gift. If they are close or important to you this is already perfect, but if they are your sister’s nephews friend maybe consider a more classic piece of jewelry. Not to say don’t get it! It is possible to give a heart necklace in a very casual way, but more often than not this gift is perfect when there’s meaning behind it.

Know who you’re buying for. Again, not a necessity but it helps. If you know their personality it will guide you to a suitable design or specific style. Do they dress minimally? Are they a wild personality or more reserved? This could mean the difference of a minimal designed heart shaped necklace or a more flashy sparkling diamonds-everywhere piece.

Don’t cheap out. While I am an advocate of staying in your budget, if you’re planning on buying a 10 dollar necklace maybe consider something else. Cheap jewelry feels very fake in person and worse – it looks very apparent. Get something at least in the 50 dollars plus range to start seeing a difference in quality. Real gold, silver, and diamond will start to come into play around that mark.

That was easy wasn’t it? I told you this would be a true 5 minute guide to picking the perfect heart shaped diamond necklace! I’ve quickly walked you through materials and narrowed your style choices, as well as offered a great starting point for your search at the top of this article. Now start searching and don’t leave your gift to the last minute!

Looking for something cheaper? Why not try your hand at a hot glue heart necklace, after all it’s the though that counts!