A diamond heart shaped ring is the absolute perfect gift for any occasion. The diamond is a timeless gift representing both beauty and wealth – the heart is a symbol unanimous with love (most often romantic love) – and the ring is the image of commitment, a willingness and sign of how serious you are about your relationship to that person.

heart shaped diamond ring

With near perfect reviews, this heart ring features a 2 diamonds within the open hearts


In the picture; 14 karat Two-Tone Gold Diamond Heart Ring (Features both White gold and Rose Gold) 


Though symbolism aside, a heart shaped diamond ring is actually just the perfect gift for anyone on any occasion! There’s a lot of options out there for heart shaped diamond rings, but thankfully I’ve made a short guide to get you started in choosing that perfect gift.

Choosing the BEST Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

No this isn’t just my opinion, but a huge amount of people have also reviewed this particular heart shaped diamond necklace. Take a look at the reviews of verified purchases – the endless gloating and positive reviews prove that this gift has wow’ed a lot of people. My favorite one tells of how the occasion was completely derailed into a conversation about how nice the gift was! That alone is proof at how perfect this gift is.


Understanding the Precious metals in diamond rings

There’s an incredible amount of different styles in terms of jewelry. While finding the perfect ring may be purely based on looks, it’s good to have a bit of basic knowledge before you decide to purchase. Knowing the basics of these precious metals and stones could possibly save you a lot of money.

Now that you know your metals and diamonds a bit better, here’s a few simple questions you can answer to help you choose a style of heart ring.

Who are you buying this for? Seems simple, but really give it some though. Do you think that this ring is fitting to their fashion and personality? A modest and reserved lady may better suit some elegant and minimal, while the free spirited one may be better suited to a flashy sparkling heart shaped diamond ring. Keep this in mind when you’re looking through the various types of diamond rings.

Why are you buying a heart shaped diamond ring? Because it’s perfect, duh’. Ok other than that – special occasions are sometimes related to certain colors or stones. If this is for Christmas for example a white gold diamond studded ring may be a more festive choice. On the other hand Valentines may better suit diamond in rose gold. None of these are hard set rules, but they can play a small part if you’re wanting this gift to match the occasion.

Spend more money. Ok, don’t break the bank. I am certainly not saying to buy outside your budget, but if you’ve only put aside 10 or 20 dollars for a gift maybe don’t buy jewelry this time. The difference between cheap jewelry and real precious metals is very apparent in person. However understanding the materials will make sure you get the best quality within your budget, so read the next part here to get a full understanding.


Precious metals and Diamonds

Diamonds are the most durable naturally occurring substance on earth. They also very wildly in price. The price is mainly related to how it’s cut, the size, and the weight of the diamond. Diamond are weighed in the unit of carats.

Gold is one of the most precious metals measured in the unit Karats (not to be confused with carats) which refer to the purity level of the gold. 24 Karats is pure gold (the most expensive) while 10 karats is the minimum purity of gold (least expensive). Heart Rings tend to use gold between 10 k and 18k, but this isn’t a bad thing. Pure gold is actually very soft and malleable and can easily be misshaped. Rings tend to get banged and used often, so it’s much better to have a durable purity of gold. 14k gold for example is very durable and very indistinguishable to pure gold. It’s created by mixing pure gold with other lesser metals.

Silver is most commonly found as sterling silver. Fine silver (pure silver) is also a very soft and malleable, so sterling silver it the long lasting durable choice (and usually around 90% pure silver anyways).

A heart shaped diamond ring will usually be embedded into gold or silver to create a stunning fine jewelry.

So now you’re pretty much set to start looking! Check the best Diamond shaped heart ring of 2016 in the top right sidebar of this post to get started. There you’ll also find a ton of other options to fit your needs.

Feeling adventurous and on a budget? Why not try making your own heart shaped ring – because after all, it is the thought that counts!